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  1. Belgium - Brussels: ENPI — Support and strengthening capacity of the WTO Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the WTO accession negotiations (Extra information)

  2. Montenegro - Podgorica: IPA — Improvement and strengthening of institutional set-up and legal framework in the area of public procurement and state aid (Extra information)

  3. Serbia - Belgrade: IPA — Support to public administration reform visibility and communication under the PAR sector reform contract — relaunch (Extra information)

  4. United Kingdom - London: Administrative services for business operations

  5. Comoros - Moroni: 'Technical assistance for the cooperation support programme' (Extra information)

  6. Czech Republic - Brno: General public services

    28 March 2017 | OJEU | CZECH REPUBLIC (CZ)
  7. Netherlands - The Hague: Research and development services and related consultancy services

  8. Lesotho - Maseru: Support to the energy sector in Lesotho (Extra information)

  9. Netherlands - Deventer: Construction management services

  10. Morocco - Rabat: Implementation of the communication strategy for the 'Making a success of advanced status' programme (Extra information)