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  1. Lebanon-Beirut: ENPI — Technical assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and to the General Directorate of General Security (GS) (Extra information)

  2. Lebanon-Beirut: Irrigation equipment (Prior information)

  3. Lebanon-Beirut: Technical assistance to the strengthening of strategic planning capacities in selected ministries in Lebanon (Extra information)

  4. Lebanon-Beirut: ENPI — Reinforcement of the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) in Lebanon (Extra information)

  5. Lebanon-Beirut: Equipment for the project 'Security and rule of law' (Extra information)

  6. Lebanon-Beirut: ENPI — Provision of 21 pick-up trucks for municipalities in south Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and north Lebanon (Extra information)

  7. Lebanon-Beirut: Supply of equipment for the SSP programme (Extra information)

  8. Lebanon-Beirut: Gender equity and empowerment of women in Lebanon (Extra information)

  9. Lebanon-Beirut: Provision of 21 pick-up trucks for municipalities in the south, Bekaa, north and Mount Lebanon (Extra information)

  10. Lebanon-Beirut: ENPI — Supply, delivery and installation of solid waste treatment equipment for the municipalities of Bar Elias, Qab Elias and El Marj (Extra information)

    16 December 2014 | OJEU | LEBANON (LB)
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