1924 results

  1. NO-Oslo: foreign economic-aid-related services (Contract award)

  2. IN-New Delhi: financial management consultancy services (Contract award)

  3. IN-New Delhi: foreign economic-aid-related services (Tender)

  4. SE-Stockholm: business analysis consultancy services (Tender)

  5. HU-Esztergom: Notice of European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (Extra information)

  6. IN-New Delhi: project management consultancy services (Contract award)

  7. IN-New Delhi: services furnished by business, professional and specialist organisations (Contract award)

  8. SE-Stockholm: project-management services other than for construction work (Tender - summary)

  9. NO-Oslo: foreign economic-aid-related services (Tender)

  10. IN-New Delhi: health services (Tender)