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  1. I-Ispra: annual list of contractors (Extra information)

  2. NL-Petten: replacement and possible additions to the existing fences and gates at the JRC-IE Petten (Extra information)

  3. NL-Petten: replacement and possible additions including maintenance to the existing CCTV and recorder system at JRC-IE Petten (Extra information)

  4. NL-Petten: replacement and possible additions including maintenance and fault-clearing service to the existing security detection system (Extra information)

  5. NL-Petten: access management system for the buildings and the site of the JRC-IE Petten (Extra information)

  6. NL-Petten: the purchase of analyzer equipment to perform analysis of multi-component gas mixtures (Extra information)

  7. NL-Petten: the purchase of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack(s) and single cells including furnace ('the equipment') for testing purposes (Extra information)

  8. NL-Petten: equipment to perform tests on items under environmental conditions particularly (but not limited to) ambient temperatures, vibrations and shocks (Extra information)

  9. NL-Petten: engineering and installation of gas supply lines and distribution and automation system for laboratory use at JRC-IE Petten (Extra information)

  10. NL-Petten: renovation or replacement of the existing reception building and related maintenance services (Extra information)