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  1. F-Cachan: lift and escalator installation work (Extra information)

  2. UK-Manchester: repair, maintenance and associated services of vehicles and related equipment (Extra information)

  3. NO-Kjeller: aircraft maintenance services (Extra information)

  4. CZ-Havířov: maintenance services of public-lighting installations and traffic lights (Extra information)

  5. E-Madrid: communications system maintenance services (Extra information)

  6. TN-Tunis: MEDA — Internet portal, Intranet portal, computer equipment and software (Extra information)

  7. NO-Arendal: repair, maintenance and installation services (Qualification system, utilities)

  8. NO-Sandnes: construction work (Qualification system, utilities)

  9. NO-Bergen: filters (Tender)

  10. BG-Sofia: aircraft-engine repair services (Tender, utilities - summary)