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  1. PL-Knurów: coal or rock-cutting machinery (Extra information)

  2. NO-Sola: basic inorganic and organic chemicals (Tender)

  3. PL-Katowice: coal pulverising mills (Tender, utilities - summary)

  4. PL-Katowice: coal or rock-cutting machinery (Tender, utilities - summary)

  5. IRL-Dublin: construction equipment (Tender)

    31 March 2009 | OJEU | IRELAND (IE)
    CPV codes...this document contains more than 3 CPV codes
  6. SE-Skellefteå: tools (Tender - summary)

  7. RO-Brasov: park and playground equipment (Contract award - summary)

  8. UK-Leicester: park and playground equipment (Contract award)

  9. NO-Tiller: mechanical shovels (Extra information)

  10. LV-Riga: transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation (Extra information)