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  1. UK-Hatfield: office cleaning services. (Tender)

  2. UK-Dalston: catering services (Tender)

  3. UK-Manchester: monitoring and control services (Tender)

  4. UK-Westbury: building-cleaning services. (Tender)

    1 February 2008 | OJEU | UNITED KINGDOM (UK)
  5. UK-London: project-management services other than for construction work (Tender)

  6. UK-Dalston: catering services (Tender)

  7. UK-Chester: non-life insurance services (Prior information)

  8. UK-Oxford: medical and laboratory devices, optical and precision devices, watches and clocks, pharmaceuticals and related medical consumables (Tender)

  9. UK-Salisbury: blood analysers (Tender)

  10. UK-Belfast: pacemaker (Tender)