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  1. NL-The Hague: public relations services (Contract award - summary)

  2. E-Madrid: general management consultancy services (Contract award - summary)

  3. F-Béthune: financial management consultancy services (Contract award - summary)

  4. F-Nice: project-supervision services other than for construction work (Contract award - summary)

  5. B-Brussels: identification of future skills needs in micro and craft (-type) enterprises up to 2020 (Extra information)

  6. F-Aix-en-Provence: business development consultancy services (Extra information)

  7. UK-Thurso: engineering design services (Extra information)

  8. UK-Salford: business and management consultancy and related services (Extra information)

  9. D-Munich: supply services of personnel including temporary staff (Extra information)

  10. AT-Vienna: business and management consultancy services (Extra information)