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  1. D-Dortmund: business and management consultancy services (Contract award - summary)

  2. NL-Apeldoorn: management-related services (Contract award - summary)

  3. SE-Katrineholm: advertising consultancy services (Contract award - summary)

  4. IRL-Dublin: works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work (Contract award)

  5. D-Munich: work and services related to media and public relations support for the EPO's Communication Department (Extra information)

  6. PL-Lublin: technical assistance services (Extra information)

  7. RO-Tulcea: construction supervision services (Extra information)

  8. RO-Tulcea: procurement consultancy services (Extra information)

  9. I-Palermo: general management consultancy services (Extra information)

  10. DK-Copenhagen: iT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support (Extra information)