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  1. NE-Niamey: EDF — supply and commissioning of computer and reprographic equipment in Niamey and the regions, network cabling for a building in Niamey, and interconnection between the National Institute of Statistics (INS), the Ministry of National Educatio (Extra information)

  2. F-Rouen: photocopying equipment (Tender - summary)

  3. NL-Ede: reproduction equipment (Contract award - summary)

  4. NL-Ede: reproduction equipment (Contract award - summary)

  5. F-Talence: office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers (Extra information)

  6. F-Lens: medical computer equipment (Tender - summary)

  7. NL-Breda: reproduction equipment (Extra information)

  8. F-St Etienne: maintenance and repair of reprographic machinery (Contract award - summary)

  9. F-Lyon: reprographic supplies (Contract award - summary)

  10. F-Macon: office supplies (Tender - summary)