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  1. IRL-Dublin: excavation work at archaeological sites (Tender)

  2. SE-Strömstad: plumbing and sanitary works (Tender - summary)

  3. SE-Strömstad: electrical installation work (Tender - summary)

  4. SE-Strömstad: painting work (Tender - summary)

  5. F-Paris: repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations (Tender - summary)

  6. UK-Aberdeen: entertainment services (Tender)

  7. UK-Huyton: installation of telecommunications equipment (Tender)

  8. IRL-Dublin: repair and maintenance of plant (Tender)

  9. BG-Sofia: rock-removal work (Tender - summary)

  10. SE-Gothenburg: repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment (Tender - summary)