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  1. F-Lyon: escalator installation work (Tender, utilities - summary)

  2. D-Dresden: railway construction works (Tender, utilities - summary)

  3. UK-Edinburgh: joinery work (Tender)

  4. UK-Chelmsford: installation of outdoor illumination equipment (Tender)

  5. I-Cagliari: installation of telecommunications equipment (Tender - summary)

  6. UK-Burton upon Trent: repair and maintenance services of central heating (Tender)

  7. F-Chalons-en-Champagne: construction work for school buildings (Tender - summary)

  8. D-Legefeld: electrical installation work (Tender - summary)

  9. F-Avignon: works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work (Tender - summary)

  10. F-Rennes: construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses (Tender - summary)