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  1. I-Jesolo: social work and related services (Contract award - summary)

  2. F-Lille: personal development training services (Contract award - summary)

    8 March 2008 | OJEU | FRANCE (FR)
  3. UK-Sheffield: social services (Contract award)

  4. NL-Nieuwegein: medical specialist services (Contract award - summary)

  5. SE-Stockholm: survey of European Union Member State enteric pathogen microbiological activities (Extra information)

  6. UK-Oxford: social work services with accommodation (Extra information)

  7. UK-Aylesbury: health and social work services (Tender)

  8. I-Turin: health services (Tender - summary)

  9. F-Marseille: social work and related services (Tender - summary)

  10. UK-London: home delivery of incontinence products (Tender)