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  1. SE-Örebro: security services (Contract award - summary)

    25 February 2009 | OJEU | SWEDEN (SE)
  2. NL-Huis ter Heide: hire of fixed-wing aircraft with crew (Contract award - summary)

  3. LT-Vilnius: air-charter services (Contract award - summary)

  4. I-Rho: road transport services (Contract award - summary)

  5. UK-Durham: hire of passenger cars with driver (Contract award)

  6. F-Rambouillet: transport services (excl. Waste transport) (Contract award - summary)

  7. RO-Turceni: railway transport services (Extra information)

  8. NL-Almere: public road transport services (Extra information)

  9. EE-Kärdla: scheduled airmail transport services (Extra information)

  10. SI-Idrija: special-purpose road passenger-transport services (Extra information)