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What is PublicTenders.net?

PublicTenders.net is a subscription service to help you find new business opportunities in the public sector.

We list all public tenders from across the UK and EU (and sometimes beyond) that are published through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). In addition, we also publish extra tenders from the UK that fall outside of the OJEU regulations (often called ‘Below OJEU’).

PublicTenders.net is updated overnight, and delivers the tenders you want, direct to your inbox, every working day (usually before 9am).


How do I get started?

There are two levels of subscription to PublicTenders.net: Standard and Premium. A comparison of the subscription packages is given in the table below...

£199+VAT p.a.
£349+VAT p.a.
Access all UK & EU tenders
Advanced search functionality
Features Daily bulletin with our selection
the latest UK & EU tenders
Fully customisable tenders alert 1 alert 20 alerts
Multiple email recipients No 5 recipients
Watched tenders No 20 tenders
Tender deadline alerts No Yes

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Our promise: There's no obligation to buy whatsoever and, unlike some tender services, you don't need to remember to cancel. And we don't take your credit card details up front!


Category (based on official CPV codes)

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll get the best out of PublicTenders.net by learning how to search effectively.

The best place to start is Category. Based on the official tendering classification of CPV codes (Common Procurement Vocabulary) you can build up a number of categories to capture precisely the kinds of products and services that you provide.

Simply start typing either the description, or the corresponding CPV number, and select a category from the list.

You can add more than one Category, and if you need to remove any, simply click the red ‘X’.

PublicTenders.net also has a comprehensive, searchable CPV codes directory – and it also shows you how many live opportunities are currently available.


Location (based on official NUTS codes)

By default, PublicTenders.net will search across the whole of the UK and EU – after all, we're in an open market and selling your products and services into other EU countries may be a lot easier than you think...

Simply start typing either the location name, or its NUTS code, and select a location from the drop down list.

You can add more than one location, and if you need to remove any, simply click the red ‘X’.

NUTS codes range from countries right down to local regions – why not have a browse of our comprehensive NUTS location directory, which also keeps count of the number of live opportunities in each location.



PublicTenders.net searches for Live opportunities by default. However, there may be times when you want to learn which tenders are coming up (Pending opportunities) or which tenders have been won (Contract awards).

We have an archive of UK and EU tenders going right back to early 2008 – over 1.5 million tenders, providing a great research resource to help you identify what kinds of tenders have been issued in the past, who won them, and how much they were worth.

If you need even more control over the types of results we find, you can use the 'Detailed type' filter in the advanced search.



Once you’ve inputted your search criteria, hit the search button and we’ll see what we can find!


Then… Action!

Here’s where the real power of PublicTenders.net comes into play – Actions.

Actions become available when you perform a search, or view a specific tender.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to have a PublicTenders.net subscription in order to use actions.

Our Standard subscription is just £199+VAT per year (or just 55p a day!) and our Premium subscription, which adds a whole range of extra features and flexibility is just £349 + VAT per year (less than £1 a day!).

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Saved searches

Once you’ve built a search that finds the right kind of tenders for you, look in the ‘Actions’ panel in the right hand column.

Clicking ‘Add new alert’ takes all of your search criteria, creates an alert that checks for any new matching tenders, and sends them to your email address every working day.

So, in this example, we could ‘Add an alert’ to look for any new tenders for ‘Canteen and catering services’ in ‘London’.


Watched tenders

If you are viewing a specific tender, the Actions panel works in a slightly different way.

Clicking ‘Watch this tender’ creates an alert that emails you whenever new information about the tender is published.


CPV codes directory

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes identify the type of goods and services that a tendering organisation is looking to buy.

You can explore the entire list (over 9,000 of them!) by drilling down into each category, or use the keyword search to find codes relating to your business.

The directory also shows how many live opportunities are currently available in each CPV category (and its sub-categories).


NUTS locations directory

We also have a complete directory of NUTS locations, over 2,000 of them.

NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) was originally devised to create a standard breakdown of EU regions for statistical measurements. It is now also used by tendering organisations to indicate in which region they are purchasing goods and services.

As with the CPV code directory it shows the number of live opportunities in each location, and there’s a keyword search to help you quickly narrow down to a specific locality.


Advanced searching

You should be able to get accurate and relevant results from just Category and Location searches. However, there may be times when you need to use our advanced search features to focus on particular tenders.


The keyword search looks through the entire contents of the tender document.

To match on an exact phrase, use quotation marks "" around your search term, as in the example above. If you don't use quotation marks, the search above would match on either content or management, which understandably will return a vast amount of results.

Please bear in mind that keywords alone are not a reliable way of finding tenders – the CPV code categories are a much more sensible and accurate approach.



The kind of goods and services being purchased and the monetary value of a contract will determine whether a tender goes through the ‘OJEU’ process. Generally, ‘Below OJEU’ tenders are good targets for SMEs and specialist suppliers.



PublicTenders.net has a built-in directory of tendering organisations. Simply start typing their name to find tenders from that organisation.


Deadline dates and published dates

If you need to restrict your search to specific dates, you can do so by either the tender deadline or its date of publication.

There are two types of input – the standard is a relative date, such as ‘in the next week’, ‘in the last month’, and so on. Simply drop down the box and select the option most relevant to you.

The alternative is a specific date, using the day, month and year. Drop down the boxes and select the date ranges that you’d like to search.


Help and assistance

We’ve tried our best to make PublicTenders.net as straightforward and logical to use as possible, however there may still be the occasional technical gremlin, or you may just have a question for us. If so, we’re happy to help – get in touch via our contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

If you need to contact us more urgently, please call our office on +44 (0)20 7 593 5500.